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RegClean Pro Pro 6.21

Scan, fix and optimize Windows Registry

RegClean Pro analyzes, fixes and optimizes the system Registry, one of the key elements in Windows. View full description


  • Simple, neat interface
  • Lets you test all the program's functions
  • Includes technical details for advanced users


  • Effect of registry cleaners may not be that clear

Not bad

RegClean Pro analyzes, fixes and optimizes the system Registry, one of the key elements in Windows.

Upon installation RegClean Pro performs a first scan to evaluate the current status of your computer. This analysis includes areas related to system, user, ActiveX, startup elements and uninstallation leftovers, among others. The report displayed after the scan displays not only the amount of errors found, but also the level of damage. A link to Error Details opens up a new window with more technical data, perfect for advanced users.

Besides the main Registry scan functionality, RegClean Pro also includes other interesting features, such as Registry Defrag and Registry Backup. Both of them are available in the demo version.

Though the actual effect of Registry cleaners on the system is sometimes hard to notice – especially if you don’t test them for extended periods of time - RegClean Pro is one of the neatest, easiest to use apps of this kind we’ve tried. And most importantly: it lets you try all of the program’s functions before buying the complete version.

RegClean Pro helps you maintain your Windows Registry in perfect shape!

RegClean Pro


RegClean Pro Pro 6.21

User reviews about RegClean Pro

  • Notívago

    by Notívago

    "I does understand it!!"

    I´ve liked it! It is helpful, most successful to do a complete clean in our computer. Really efficient!.   More.

  • szabooliver10

    by szabooliver10

    "It is just a scam software. Don't buy it."

    It is just a scam software. Don't buy it. I am an IT guy, and i know this software very well. if somebody calls you o...   More.

  • vegaspitboss

    by vegaspitboss

    "Not worth the time or money"

    Did not work for me. I downloaded it, with windows 7 and worked OK. It was a nuisance since it would load evertime I ...   More.

  • johnkorondy

    by johnkorondy

    "Stay away!"

    I bought the full version a year ago. It was not clear that the "purchase" is only for one year. Th...   More.

  • rachel.o.buchanan

    by rachel.o.buchanan

    "Don't Get This."

    When i first installed this, I thought that it may do a good job. Well because it have really good reviews. I was wr...   More.

  • "RegClean must be a cash cow"

    As far as my experience extends, RegClean Pro serves only as a cash cow to those who lay claim to the proceeds. It is...   More.